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CTF Rail
  • Minutes
  • Tue, 09/20/2022 - 13:13


We welcome our new BEWAG member!

CTF Rail is a French-speaking center of competence in railway technology. They offer training on flexible solutions according to the current rules of the railway world. They cover subjects such as RID regulations, GCU, the different sources related to technical inspections of wagons or even the professional gestures related to the shunting of wagons through shunting operations performed in safety.  The agents are also trained in handling switches and crossings, communicating with the network manager, protective measures, immobilizing trains, reading simplified schematic plans provided by the IM, and consulting local infrastructure use protocols.

Their CTF Services department also carries out brake tests, technical visits and rolling stock appraisals. They also have a CTF Watch department that monitors regulations on the "railway packages".